Esi Jóhannes G.

Spirals tracklist and two free tracks

27 Jul 2010

After couple of months of work I’m finally seeing the end of this journey. My upcoming album “Spirals” is now almost ready so I’ve decided that it’s time to reveal the tracklist, along with 2 free downloadable tracks. Distance, No Hope, and Prey on the Neurotic’s Mind. This journey did take some twists and turns I did not anticipate and it ended up as a totally different beast than I originally planned. I do not consider that a bad thing though but I will go through more details on that all when the time comes and the album is ready to be released, which should be in the coming weeks. But until then, I hope you will enjoy the currently available tracks!

  1. The Ode that was Lost
  2. Rain, Beautiful Blackout
  3. Distance, No Hope (free MP3 download)
  4. Prey on the Neurotic’s Mind (free MP3 download)
  5. The Curator
  6. As the Bones Heal
  7. Birth
  8. Oneiros’ Invitation
  9. Talisman
  10. Equinox
  11. Svartur
  12. Spirals