Esi Jóhannes G.

3 copies left of the Fermentæ/Ziz split, Midwinter Sessions '08 (Repress)

03 Dec 2010

Recorded, edited and arranged during the winter solstice of 2008, and originally released in March 2009. Because of growing interest in this release we have decided to re-release this realization of two contrasting-perspectives on the midwinter concept from the foggy and winding hills of San Francisco to the bleak and spacious highlands of Iceland.

Four tracks, over 60 minutes of dark-ambient dronescapes, spectral riffing and eerie field-recordings; compiled, captured and composed by Kevin Gan. Yuen (FERMENTÆ) and Jóhannes G. Þorsteinsson (Ziz). Hand-assembled and hand-numbered, black-bottom CD-r’s, screen-printed with metallic-bronze inks and packaged in resealable poly-sleeves.

Grab them at the store before they are gone (digital purchase also available for $4) or contact me directly at