Esi Jóhannes G.


28 Jun 2011

Strákar, can be translated (based on Icelandic folklore) as a troll graveyard.

Photography for me has been for the past 10 years or so an obsessive amateur hobby. The reasons behind it perhaps a little bit different than for most people as It’s probably close to the same reason as we sometimes feel like we have to hold a glass/container of liquid while chatting to people at the bar/club, or for some people how they need to hold a cigarette while talking to other smokers, even if there is no actual underlying nicotine craving at the moment. Without a camera in my hand, and even without a camera in front of my face, I start feeling awkward. The camera is my stress ball. This odd “drive to photograph” often resulted in a high amount of photographs (especially at big social gatherings, so I could experience it passively) which often were below mediocre. To remedy this I thought back to the days when I was probably around 10 years old and my mother gave me a film camera which I had to wind to snap a photo. This extra step along with limited amount of photographs made me respect each frame more, and I took photographs for the photographs sake, not for the sake of getting rid of stress.

At work, couple of weeks ago, I found a CF card in the storage shed which had probably been left there years ago. The interesting thing about it was that it’s only 32mb’s. That’s just enough space to hold perhaps 2 photographs from my camera. Solution was found!