Esi Jóhannes G.

The release of Sjö

20 Aug 2012

Ziz - Sjö

sketches or
A revival
Recorded one
piece per day.

I can’t describe how happy I am with this release. Cameron of Merz Tapes has done a wonderful job at looking over this project and making sure to portray this release in such high quality which I wouldn’t had even managed to imagine when I first wrote these songs and released in a mere 7 copies.

Ziz - Sjö

I would like to thank Cameron of Merz Tapes for his amazing work and for giving me a chance, Kevin G. Yuen for the design (and for simply being there for me), Bryan W Bray for adding such clarity to the songs, and Jonathan G. Irons for the beautiful prose included on the J-Card. His way with words sometimes makes me want to hire him to do all of my writing from now on.

Ziz - Sjö

Download/Order from Bandcamp.
C27 Cassettes available from Merztapes
If you live in Iceland/Sweden (or neighboring countries) and want to save on shipping fees, contact me directly as I will possibly have some spare copies in the near future.