Esi Jóhannes G.

1GAM January, Haiku Roller

06 Feb 2013

Screenshot from Haiku Roller

I am currently in the middle of research work for my thesis which explains my silence lately. I was planning to write up a post-mortem concerning my first entry for the One Game a Month challenge (which is about releasing one game a month throughout 2013) but my thesis work has not allowed me to do so.

Instead I will be linking to the excellent post mortem written by Kyle Halladay who is behind the majority of the work behind the January entry, Haiku Roller. He is my partner in crime throughout at least the first months of One Game a Month (and hopefully the rest of the challenge!) and he did amazing job with the first game and I am looking forward to what we will be able to put together in february. (Spoiler: theme word is “Sound”)

To at least show some of my work, below is the music track I put together for Haiku Roller.