Esi Jóhannes G.


12 Nov 2013

My experience, S has now been released on, with a lot of help from Kyle Halladay in polishing and adding to the game. S can be said to be the spiritual successor to my 2009 game Susannah that I put up online just recently. You can download the game for free on although it would be quite awesome if you would decide to donate couple of dollars for a cup of coffee or more so I can keep on making games.

There doesn’t appear to be anything here…
Anything at all…
Nothing but the white…
…and S.

  • Headphones are recommended
  • WASD and mouse for movement
  • Hold primary mouse button to spawn sound entities
  • Release primary mouse button to release sound entities
  • While spawning sound entities, press secondary mouse button to throw them
  • To quit, press ESC
  • Press space to jump

Thanks for experiencing.

Download S from

PS: Kyle Halladay wrote a good post mortem for S which you can read here.