Esi Jóhannes G.

Isolation Jam

Annual Game jam hosted originally in April 2014, in the countryside of Vesturárdalur, Miðfjörður, North West Iceland. Brought forth participants from 6 countries.

“Go live your best life and make wonderful things in a beautiful, remote place with other people who love games. Remember, the lambs are waiting for you, and try as they might they cannot pet themselves” - Boingboing

For the last several years, people have travelled to the middle of nowhere, top of the world Iceland, Kollafoss Game Farm, with two goals in mind; Make games and pet lambs. Lets do it again!

There’s no sign of civilisation around, barely any farm, as Kollafoss is situated in a dead end valley close to the borders of the highlands of Iceland. The only thing you can see is the barren highlands ahead, small group of game developers who got the same crazy idea as you, and some sheep.

…and yes, you will be able to pet lambs.

“Unlike other game jams, at the heart of the Isolation Game Jam is absorbing the stretches of land beginning at your feet and spreading across the volcanic rocks, up to the highlands, and sinking into the cold coast. It’s from this barren topography that you draw your inspiration” - Killscreen